Nuoren Wertherin jäljillä

Over 7Contians anxiety 95 minutes 2013 4.9

Werther film is about Viitanen, a sculptor, who gets to know Eero, his son has reacently died. Viitanen has not seen Eero in 15 years - after the divorce he lived years in Prague.  After returning he didn't want to intrude ex-wife's and son's new life far from from Helsinki. Viitanen likes to know something about Eero. Viitanen begins to do the detective work to find out what kind of son Eero was. To his surprise, Viitanen learns that the boy had moved to live near him with intention to meet his father. He also learns that Eero and had a romance with a married women, and also the Eero and him actually met.

The film is not playable outside of Finland
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, finnish
Director: Jarmo Lampela
Actor: Jyri Ojansivu, Juha Kukkonen, Iina Kuustonen
Rights owner: SF Film
Country: Finland