Wedding Crashers

Over 12 119 minutes 2005 7.0

The charming duo John Beckwith and Jeremy Gray consist of two charismatic singles with a very special springtime hobby - to sneak into weddings they aren’t invited to. Well prepared and with many years of experience, they always have a fitting story, not seldom made up and specially designed to gain sympathy. Except for the free food and drinks and, in particular, the great chances of finding a nightly companion that is replaced on a regular basis. But when John meets Claire, the game suddenly becomes seriously...

The film is not playable outside of Finland
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy, romance
Director: David Dobkin
Actor: Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, Christopher Walken, Isla Fisher, Bradley Cooper
Rights owner: SF Film
Country: USA
Language: English