The Secret Society of Souptown

Over 7Contains violenceContians anxiety 104 minutes 2015 6.7

When the town is attacked by a mystical virus that turns all the grown-ups into children, four brave 10 year olds fight back to save their loved ones despite all the obstacles.

The film is not playable outside of Finland
Category: Feature film
Genre: Thriller, children, young, family, fantasy, adventure
Director: Margus Paju
Actor: Olivia Viikant, Arabella Antons, Hugo Soosar, Sampo Sarkola, Karl Jakob Vibur
Voices: Seera Alexander (Mari), Saana Norra (Satu), Waltteri Helisalo (Olavi), Fredi Salminen (Antti)
Rights owner: Scandinavian Digital Media Oy Ab
Country: Finland, Estonia
Language: Finnish