Esther's Orchestra

Over 7Contians anxiety 91 minutes 2022 5.3

Esther’s Orchestra is a story about the middle-aged man, Thomas, for whom life has always been something that needs to be averted. However, Thomas gets his everyday life turned upside down when his wife Esther suddenly dies. As a family man, Thomas now has to keep his composure, pick up their daughters and handle his way around the day, which for everybody else is just a normal day. In flashbacks, Thomas is going through the day he met Esther for the first time, and at the same time he is confronted with things that can’t be averted: time, love and death.

The film is not playable outside of Finland
Category: Feature film
Genre: Comedy, drama
Director: Alexander Sagmo
Actor: Annika Aakjær, Johannes Lilleøre, Ulf Pilgaard, Peter Gantzler, Stina Ekblad
Rights owner: Scanbox
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish