By the Grace of God

Over 12Contains violenceContians anxiety 137 minutes 2019 7.2

François Ozon's gripping drama follows three men who band together to dismantle the code of silence that continues to protect a priest who abused them decades ago. Based on events from the 2019 conviction of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of Lyon for concealing the conduct of Father Bernard Preynat, By the grace of God compassionately illustrates the varying effects of trauma on survivors and their families in this urgent portrait of resistance, the power of mobilization, and the mysteries of faith.

The film is not playable outside of Finland
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, crime
Director: François Ozon
Actor: Swann Arlaud, Denis Ménochet, Melvil Poupaud
Rights owner: Oy Cinema Mondo Ltd
Country: Belgium, France
Language: French