Open up to me

Over 12Contains sexContains violence 95 minutes 2012 6.7

Maarit has successfully managed to live her life as a transgender, attractive and intelligent woman. However, this new life has come at a considerable price, as many transgender individuals have come to discover. Estranged from her wife and daughter, Maarit feels like a stranger in a cold but familiar world, that is, until the day she meets Sami. In the midst of a marital crisis, Sami has come to seek the help of Maarit's employer, a therapist. In the therapist's absence, Maarit feels compelled to help the man, even if it means impersonating the therapist to get through to Sami.

The film is not playable outside of Finland
Category: Feature film
Genre: Drama, romance, finnish
Director: Simo Halinen
Actor: Leea Klemola, Peter Franzén, Ria Kataja, Emmi Nivala, Alex Anton
Rights owner: Scandinavian Digital Media Oy Ab
Country: Sweden, Finland
Language: Finnish