War and peace of mind

Over 12Contians anxiety 72 minutes 2016 7.3

The effect of WWII on the countries of Western Europe is widely reported. But what of Finland, a small Nordic nation trapped between the Soviets and the Germans? Known locally as the Continuation War, the tragic events of this period in history had a lasting effect on Finland as well as its people. Documentary filmmaker Ari Matikainen blends fascinating archive footage, interviews and beautifully shot reenactments that utilise letters from soldiers that fought during the period, to create a rounded exploration of the effect of war on the men and women who fight, as well as the knock-on repercussions on an entire nation.

The film is not playable outside of Finland
Category: Documentary
Genre: War, finnish
Director: Ari Martikainen
Rights owner: VLMedia Oy
Country: Finland